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The Founders

Eland Architects was founded in 2016 by Peter Eland and Gabriela Lo in Shanghai, China. This multicultural duo brings together experiences from all over the world spreading through Denmark, Edinburgh, Macau, England and China.


Previously, Peter was the Creative Director at Wagas Group and worked at for Neri & Hu for half a decade prior to that. In his years of experience cheap authentic jerseys online in China, he has been responsible for building and designing many restaurants, cafes, hotels and private residents including the Baker & Spice on Anfu lu, cheap nfl jerseys Mi Thai restaurant which was mentioned in the China Michelin star guide, Le Meridian hotel in cheap China jerseys Zhengzhou.


Gabriela was part of the founding team of naked Retreats and held the position of Managing Director for 5 years until she moved on and become the Project Director at Octave, a holistic wellness company with programs, hotels, spas, restaurants as well as clinics.

Our Philosophy

Our design philosophy is one that puts the human element as a priority. Beautiful yet functional is the motto. With Peter’s Nordic touch of elegant simplicity, his respect of its inhabitants, the wholesale elite jerseys attention to detail together with Gabriela’s attention to the human movements and experience in operation, we hope to achieve the perfect combination of beauty and functionality where the design aids the human movement within it.


In every project we take on, we like to work closely with our partners & clients to gain not only the functionality of the space but a deeper understanding of the personality of the space in which the owners intends. Creating the perfect union where functional meets aesthetics.


For any inquiries, please email us at info@elandarchitects.com